Reesa Teesa, Woman From Georgia, Exposes Pathologically Lying Ex-Husband, Becomes Queen of TikTok

Karina Pawlak
4 min readFeb 22, 2024
Screenshot of Reesa Teesa on TikTok.

Reesa Teesa went on a date during the pandemic with a man named Legion. On the way to her date her tire blew! Legion took her to a shop and bought her a tire. She was wowed. So far so good, right?

Reesa told him that she is looking for a serious relationship. What a coincidence, so was Legion.

He explained that he was married back in California. He caught his wife cheating and so divorced her. Now he is in Georgia and has a big shot job at a condiment factory (Big manager of something important).

The pandemic just started. It was time to quarantine. Reesa was renting a house. Legion lived in a small flat. He told her that the flat is temporary, and that he is in fact looking for a house. They decided to quarantine together. Since Reesa’s place was bigger, it only made sense that Legion stay at Reesa’s. Legion moved in. He paid the rent on the house. This made Reesa feel cared for.

Things were going well. Legion was sweet and paying bills. Reesa got pregnant. Legion proposed. Legion said that he will buy a house for both of them. He said he had enough money to make a $700,000 cash offer on a house. Apparently he made a lot of money playing something called “arena football”.

Legion got promoted at work to VP.

Reesa and Legion house shopped. But every time they picked a house, something happened and it fell through.

Legion said he will buy Reesa a car. They spent weekends and evenings test driving cars. BMWs and Audis. She picked a car. Legion told her to take a day off work as the car will be delivered. It never came.

Reesa miscarried.

It turned out that Legion never had the money for a house or a car. He made it up. He was a mere forklift operator with no savings.

That is not all he lied about. He lied about living in California. He made up friends and family members. He pretended to talk to people on the phone everyday in front of her. He had long conversations and laughed but it was with nobody. He also lied about family members dying. Also Legion liked hookers.



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