Okay Medium We Are Friends With Benefits Now

Karina Pawlak
2 min readFeb 9, 2024
Star-Struck. 2024. Karina + StarryAI

I am not totally averse to friends with benefits arrangements as I once had one that worked. But usually those who say they want to be friends with benefits don’t actually want to be friends. They just want to meet in gas station bathrooms for quickies. Sorry I am a tad bit classier than that. I like memory foam pillows to be present.

Anyways, Medium has showed themselves a good friend. They boosted this story after all. So I am getting into bed with Medium. I upgraded from regular friend to friend with benefits. You can even see my little Friend of Medium badge. I am branded.

But Medium, Honey, you gotta know, you are not the only one. There is someone else too. He is a handsome bloke called Substack. You don’t do me like I like; I am going to go get my stories read elsewhere. So behave.

Mr. Substack. He paid some of my bills back in November when Medium couldn’t. Just sayin’.

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